Pod Connection closes the gap between virtual instruction and classroom education. One stop service for pod creation, teacher employment, and location coordination. The program leverages licensed in-person teachers to augment education of k-12 students enrolled in a school district online platform. Students learn with a licensed teacher and peers during consistent times at an established, safe, and small class-like setting.

  • PODS


Small groups of 5 - 10 students that are in the same geographical proximity, enrolled in an online school platform, and share similar needs for in-person instruction to supplement online education.


Parents register their student(s) with Pod Connection. A pod is formed when five (5) students with similar requirements enroll. Enrollment may continue until the pod reaches a maximum of ten (10) students or the limit collectively set by the parents.


Pod Teachers

Local. Caring. Available.

A local teacher certified for the grade level(s) of the pod students is assigned to each pod. Pod Connection does thorough background, education, work history, license, reference, and drug screens.

Students follow the online curriculum, instruction, and time commitment designed by their enrolled school district. Pod teachers ensure each student is engaged in learning, provide additional and individualized complimentary instruction, promote accountability for assignments and material comprehension, and coordinate with students, parents, and district teachers for early intervention related to educational concerns.


"Class - Like" Locations

We designed it to be easy for parents.

Pods gather together during consistent times at a constant location. This structured setting is facilitated by Pod Connection based on the needs of the pod families. The setting may be a dedicated office, community, or local business space. When a pod has 5 students the appropriate location will be coordinated by Pod Connection with the input of the parents and assigned pod teacher.


Pre & Post Learning Programs

Working parents need a little more than a teacher to fill the gap. Some of our partner location hosts have developed programs for pre & post learning activities. If your family needs extra padding on the virtual school day please indicate so on your REGISTRATION FORM so we can connect you with the right pod and host location.

Supplemental Courses

Math, science, and language are great but what happened to art, music, and theatre? One of the parent concerns is that children will not get a well-rounded education with school restrictions and online learning. Pod Connection also partners with supplemental instructors and host locations to provide once weekly lessons in art, chorus, karate, gymnastics, and even life skills. Make sure to indicate on your REGISTRATION FORM that you would like to explore options in your local area for supplemental instruction.


Why would a student need a pod?

Education is more than reading and term papers. Social development is just as important to long term success.

Why would I use Pod Connection to coordinate a pod?

Ensuring pod education is successful is our priority. Promoting social equality and inclusion is our solution.

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